Join the fun! To become a race participant, each charity must provide 5 festival volunteers and sell 75 tickets ($15 each). If you sell more than 75, your charity gets to keep those profits! That’s it! It’s a unique opportunity to not only fundraise, but possibly win thousands of dollars for your charity. Plus you will have the added bonus of branding your charity to our thousands of festival attendees.

We have room for more charities, so contact our Charity Coordinator, Katey McGuckin-Woolam, before you miss this great opportunity!

The Festival also benefits the following charities:

The U.S. Bank Midwest Balloon Fest is a non-profit 501c3 agency that is dedicated to producing a family-friendly high quality event, educates the attendees about hot air ballooning, and provides an opportunity for local non-profits to participate in the festival and raise funds and community awareness for their organizations.